“have to”, “need to”, “must”の違いをオーストラリアの友達に聞いてみた!

Hi guys! Naoya here!

have to be here at 8am tomorrow.
must be here at 8am tomorrow.
need to be here at 8am tomorrow.

I asked my Aussie friend about the difference of these three sentences.

Basically these three has the same meaning but there is a slight difference.

Please read this blog entry as one of the references because the explanation below is not the only way to describe these three phrases precisely.

If you translated these into Japanese, it will be like “Ashitanoasahatijinikokoniinakutyaikenai”

The biggest difference between three sentences is that wether or not there is “necessity”.

例えば、“I need to be here at 8am tomorrow. ”は、「明日の朝8時には絶対ここにいないといけない状況」となります。「何かしなくちゃいけないことが明日朝8時にある」ということです。つまり、後ろには“because I have an appointment.”のような感じで理由があります。
For instance, the situation is that you have something to do here at 8am tomorrow.
I don’t know what it is going to happen but there is necessity to be here to get the thing done, which means that there is some reason.

もちろん、最初に述べたように3つのセンテンスは同じ意味を持つと説明しましたが、“I have to be here at 8am tomorrow. ”と“I must be here at 8am tomorrow.”には「必要性(言い換えると絶対的に守らなければいけない用事)」が特にありません。しかし、意味的には「朝8時にここにいないといけない」となります。
As I explained in the beginning, these three sentences are almost the same meaning, but these two sentences which are “I have to be here at 8am tomorrow. ” and “I must be here at 8am tomorrow.”, there is no much necessity (no specific reasons or not necessary… ) compared to the sentence “I need to be here at 8am tomorrow.

他の使い方として、“I have to go.”“ I must go. ”“I need to go.”があります。
Let’s take a look at a different usage.

I have to go. ”や“I must go.”はよく使われ、「そろそろ行かなくちゃ」という意味になります。
I have to go and I must go are commonly used in a daily life, and which means it is time to go.

もちろん、“I need to go.”も使われますが、「(何か緊急性のあることがあるから)行かなくちゃ」という感じですかね。
Of course, you can use I need to go. but there is something necessary / emergency situation that you need to do

まとめると…あまり深く考えず、“I have to~.”と“I must ~. ”と“I need to~.”は似たような意味で、人や状況によって使い分けができるんだという認識で良いと思います!
Anyhow, to sum up, don’t think about this too deeply and these three are used depending on a situation that you are in.

では、Have a good one guys!